Sana’a Tribes Send Food Convoy to Back Army in Battle Fronts


Tribes and sheikhs of al-Haimah al-Kharajih district of Sana’a province on Saturday held a tribal meeting to send food convoy to back the Yemeni army in confronting the Saudi-led coalition in fronts.

In the rally, the participants stressed the importance of mobilizing to fighters to defend the homeland and its sovereignty.

They called on the Yemeni tribes to move to confront the coalition’s plots that target Yemen.

The meeting praised the great triumphs and sacrifices made by the army and steadfastness of the Yemeni people against the coalition and its militias.

2018 witnessed a lot of events top listed of course is the continuation of the ongoing war on Yemen since 205 that has destroyed the country’s infrastructures and led UN to call Yemen the worst humanitarian crisis ever.

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