Heavy Clashes Between Militias Affiliated with the Saudi/UAE Occupation in Yemen’s Aden


Clashes broke out Sunday morning in the Mansoura district between gunmen on the public line at the entrance of road 90 in Kabuta, causing the closure of a number of main roads.

Citizens said the clashes were continuing and caused the cutting off of a number of roads, especially the strategic Kalteks main road that connects most of the districts of Aden with road 90.

Social activists circulated pictures showing congestion in the streets of the Mansoura district with hundreds of cars due to clashes that caused a number of roads to be cut off.

Aden has been witnessing a tense state and chaos between the mercenaries of the aggression, where violent confrontations took place between the forces of the Saudi-backed Hadi forces and the Transitional southern Council supported by the UAE.

The southern activists stressed that the tension in the southern region reveals the political trends committed by the Saudi-led aggression in order to maintain control of its power in Yemen through the activation of southern parts in Yemen.

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