Saudi-led Coalition’s Weapons against Yemeni Patients!!


Saudi Arabia systematically targets everything in Yemen as well as food and medicines sources and stores as a tactic in its campaign against the country. Indeed, the UN’s World Food Program has previously declared that food is being used as a weapon of war in Yemen.

As well as in Yemen and because of siege it is very difficult to find medicines, and if you find them in the market, they’re too expensive and citizens cannot afford them.

Yemeni patients are living in the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. The only way to end this suffering is to end the war. It is, therefore, a shame if national parliaments keep giving the green light to continued sales of military equipment to the Saudi-led coalition.

While western countries are providing aid to Yemen to alleviate human suffering with one hand, with the other they are selling weapons and equipment being used in this war to kill, maim and starve Yemenis. This is a double standard which keeps fueling this devastating war.

To make matters worse, in addition to preventing essential supplies, including medicine, from entering Yemen, often when those supplies are able to reach the country the coalition has systematically and deliberately attacked the convoys carrying it.

It takes Gailan Mohammed 2 hours on foot to reach Al-Jumhoori Hospital in Sana’a for dialysis sessions, simply because he cannot afford the cost of transportation.

“I barely have the strength to walk but I have to go to the hospital as I cannot endure the pain any longer,” said 28-year-old Gailan Mohammed, a renal failure patient who had to move from Taiz to Sana’a after the closure of the dialysis center in Taiz due to coalition war.

“When I moved to Sana’a for treatment, I took shelter in a car garage in one of the most war-affected areas Faj Attan. I can’t afford to live anywhere else”, he added.

Like Gailan, more than 6200 patients with kidney failure across the country struggle to get dialysis sessions.

In Yemen, each day, hour and minute has not passed but carried new pains and suffering for patients and children as a result of the siege imposed by the brutal coalition on Yemen for nearly four years, every day more patients lose their life

The Unjust siege, the continuous bombardment, the stifling crisis and all that caused by the war waged by Saudi-led coalition against Yemen in general and Hodeidah province in particular, have created a tragic environment for Yemeni patients.

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