Sanaa National Delegation Officially Invited to Eu to Conclude Several Meetings with Members of the European Parliament


The head of the national delegation of Sanaa, Mohamed Abdel Salam, and member of the delegation, Abdelmalik al-Agri, went to a three days visit to Brussels to meet officials of the European Parliament. The delegation member Abdulmalik al-Ajri said in a statement that the meeting with officials in the European Parliament reviewed the agreement of Sweden and prospects for a comprehensive political settlement. According to Agri, the meeting with the European Parliament reviewed the cessation of armament to Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Al-Ajri pointed out that pressure has been discussed on some European governments that continue to support the countries participating in the war on Yemen with weapons because of the importance of this in supporting the political settlement.

Head of Sanaa Delegation Mohamed Abdel Salam concluded his three-day official visit to Brussels on Thursday after an official invitation from the European Union.

The delegation held a number of important meetings with members of the European Parliament to discuss the course of the aggression in Yemen and its political, humanitarian, economic and military tracks, including the Stockholm Agreement, Hodeidah cease-fire agreement, prisoners file and the truce in Taiz.

The delegation presented a vision of the solution in Yemen and the next stage and the national partnership, stressing that any other solution than the political solution is a fragile solution that cannot stand for long.

In the context of talking about effective solutions, the national delegation emphasized that the humanitarian situation in Yemen will not be solved only by only the flow of aid, but also by removing the causes, in particular, the opening of Sanaa airport and lifting the siege imposed by Saudi Arabia.

With regard to the Stockholm agreement, Mohamed Abdel Salam said that bypassing Sweden’s agreement to demand a political or security role without a comprehensive political solution is a miserable attempt to derail the solution in Hodeidah.

The delegation also discussed a number of issues, including the southern issue, the shape of the state, the outcomes of the national dialogue and the arms deals to Saudi Arabia, praising the efforts of the European Union to end the suffering of millions of Yemenis.

The delegation presented a national invitation to the European Union and members of the European Parliament to visit Sanaa in the coming days for a closer better look.

The visit of the national delegation to Brussels was accompanied by a number of side events with a number of relevant authorities to discuss more accurate details of the political situation in Yemen as well as the role and activity of the United Nations in Yemen and the logistical support provided by the European Union.

The delegation thanked the EU and its parliament, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland for their facilities in holding such a meeting with the rest of the European Union.

The Yemeni delegation appreciated the direct and basic coordination carried out by the Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sana’a and its coordination with the facilities, the work program, the official contacts and the direct contacts for the holding of such an important tour.

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