Saudi Coalition Crimes/Violations in Yemen on Feb. 21


The Saudi-led aggression continues its aggressive operations on the West Coast in the truce agreed city of Hodeidah, which violates Swedish consultation and the agreements of it. This comes as border areas with Saudi Arabia are subjected to raids, rocket and artillery bombardments.

In the coastal city of Hodeidah, the Saudi-UAE mercenaries used their weapons in clearing out the Mobile intersection, Marri Villas and West of City Max, including the Union Hotel, Airport School, College, 50th Street, al-Dabiani neighborhood and Kilo-16.

The mercenaries affiliated with the Saudi aggression targeted with 7 shells east and south of al-Koei, shelled the house of a citizen, which caused fires in the house after being targeted by a 23-mm machine gun west of al-Durayhmi. In addition, the airport was bombed with medium weapons and machine guns.

Al-Dhibiani neighborhood and residential areas near the al-Ittihad Hotel in the area of 7 July were also subjected to a continuous bombardment of the invaders and mercenaries.

The mercenaries of the aggression launched more than 50 artillery shells and bombed with medium machine-gun fire on al-Faza area.

In the Yemeni governorate of Hajjah, the Air Force of the Saudi-led aggression conducted an airstrike on the al-Sudah school in the district of Kushar and launched nine raids on the area al-Abaisa village which is located in the same district.

In the northern province of Saada, populated villages in the Munebah district were subjected to Saudi rocket fire and artillery shells. It also carried out three raids on citizens’ property within the district of Baqem and the bordering Razih district.

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