MOH Urges Humantrian Org. to End Siege on the Durayhmi District in Hodeidah


The Ministry of Public Health and Population called on international organizations to intervene urgently in saving the residents of the city of the Durayhmi in the province of Hodeidah, who suffer from tragic health conditions by the siege and shelling of the aggression forces of the city.

The ministry said in a statement that the health situation in the Durayhmi became catastrophic because of the suffocating blockade through land, sea, and sky.

The statement held the countries of aggression, led by America and Britain and their “tools” Saudi Arabia and the UAE the full responsibility for the catastrophic situation and deterioration of health services in the city of Durayhmi, and for each case of death or psychological problems caused by this siege.

The health ministry stressed that the Saudi-led aggression is the one responsible for the tragic health situation in the Durayhmi district, stressing that the continuation of the aggression and its unjust siege on the city led to deterioration of health conditions and increased the suffering of hundreds of patients due to the lack of medicines and medical supplies, noting that some of the patients had died.

The statement called for taking serious action to save patients by allowing the entry of medicines and medical supplies or taking patients out for treatment in the hospitals of Hodeidah, Ibb, Sana’a.

The statement concluded with a condemnation of the UN’s shaky stance towards the disastrous health situation in Yemen in general, specifically the district of the Durayhmi, and continued crimes against the people of Yemen and the destruction of infrastructure, including the health sector for over four years.

The Ministry of Health called on the liberated countries and peoples of the free world to support the cause of the Yemeni people and pressure the countries of the coalition to stop the aggression and end the siege on Yemen, and to establish international courts to prosecute the criminals of this aggression.

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