The Liberation of the Kushar District in Hajjah: A Statement by the Yemeni Interior Ministry


The Ministry of the Interior issued a statement on the end of the heavy battles concentrated within the Abyssa area located in the district of Kushar within Hajjah province. The battles ended by taking full control of the district and capturing dangerous elements affiliated with the Saudi-led aggression.

The statement reads as follows:With the help of God and the determination of loyal men of the security forces and heroes of the army and the popular committees with the support of tribesmen from the people of Hajoor and from Hajjah province, the area of the Abyssa and adjacent areas within the Kushar district in the province of Hajjah are now completely secure from subversive elements who disobey the law, and were linked to the Saudi aggression and causing disturbance of the general tranquility and blocking roads, which caused chaos and terror among citizens.

During the course of the qualitative security operation, a number of subversive and outlawed elements were eliminated. A number of these elements surrendered themselves to the security forces and the army after they realized that the aggression had put them into the death penalty and that they had no choice but to surrender.

With this security achievement, the Arabyiah region and the surrounding areas became fully secure. The main roads were opened for the civilians after they were severed by the subversive elements. The security forces, the army and the popular committees are hunting the remaining of these elements who refused to surrender.

This achievement was widely welcomed by the citizens who condemned all the subversive activities carried out by those elements that are paid and out of order and the law.

At the same time, we call on those remaining to surrender to the security forces and the army and to treat them as their instigators. We affirm that the aggression and the invaders will soon be gone. Yemen will remain for its people and while the others will bear the result of their stubbornness and determination to continue the path of occupation and sabotage.

Here we pay tribute to the sincere and responsible positions of the sheikhs, tribes of Hajoor and the honorable people who stood by the state and supported the security forces and the army until those elements that disobey the law and order were eliminated.

We affirm that the security forces, with the support of the army heroes and the popular committees, will remain cautious for the sake of the homeland, its security and stability, and will never allow anyone who threatens security, public tranquility and social peace.

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