March 10: Saudi Crimes on a Daily Basis


The Saudi aggression has continued its raids on a number of provinces, causing material damage to property and committing a heinous crime in Hajjah.

Our official source had reported on Sunday from Hajjah of the death of more than 20 women and children as a preliminary toll of the Saudi conducted raids on the homes of citizens in Talan in the Kushar.

The source noted that a process of searching and recovering victims from under rubble is still ongoing in within Kushar, pointing out that the houses were targeted by the Saudi aggression before midnight belongs to the Zlil, Ahdab, and Hadi families.

IT added that the aggression targeted ambulances in Talan, Kushar and prevented the arrival of the ambulance to the victims under the rubble, pointing out that air raids that targeted the area of Talan, the center of the district of Kushar destroyed 10 houses.

The total raids that targeted the district of Kushar since midnight are accounted to be more than 30 raids.

In the coastal province of Hodeidah, the mercenaries of the aggression targeted the villages of al-Shajan and Al-Kou’i in the besieged Durayhmi district. In addition, they also shelled the Sheikh village in Kilo 16.

In the northern province of Saada, the Saudi-led aggression launched a raid on the bordering town of Baqem.

In al-Jawf, the aggression carried out a raid on the Ham area in the district of al-Mtoon and another in the same district.

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