More Than 20 Killed as Saudi Jets Destroy 10 Homes of Civilians in Hajjah (Photos+Video)


The US-backed Saudi warplanes carried out a brutal massacre against the citizens of Kushar district of Hajjah province, leaving scores of killed and wounded, mostly women and children.

A security source in the province more than 20 women and children have lost their lives as a preliminary result of the criminal raids that targeted homes in the area of Talan in the Kushar district.

The source added that the houses targeted by the brutal aggression in Talan before midnight are owned by the Zlil, Al-Hadb and Al-Hadi families.

The source pointed out that there is still an ongoing search of the victims that might be still under the rubble of houses.

The source said that the raids on the area of Talan, the center of the province of Kushar resulted in the destruction of about 10 houses. It also targeted ambulances in Talan within Kushar to deprive them of rescuing any people who still alive or injured.

The source strongly condemned the continued targeting of the residential areas by the Saudi aggression that is occurring while the world is watching in silence. Finally, the source called upon the United Nations and humanitarian organizations to conduct an urgent investigation into these crimes, that amount to war crimes.

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