Sexual Assult Against Yemeni Children in Saudi Occupied Taiz: Amnesty International Report Revelas


Amnesty International published a shocking investigation earlier this week, exposing some of the horrific rape of children by the mercenary elements of the Islah Party in Taiz. The mercenary authorities in the city are complicit with these criminal elements in covering up these heinous violations. These authorities have even threatened the victims and their families, forcing some of these families to move to other areas.

A 16-year-old boy said: “A member of the Islah militia raped him in late December” in an area controlled by the Islahi mercenaries in the city of Taiz.

According to the investigation, the boy narrated the details of the crime to the organization, saying: “He threatened me with a rifle and started to beat me with the gun; he kicked me and pushed me against the wall in an attempt to make me unconscious. Then he told me I wanted to rape you. I began to cry and begged him to look at me as his son. He lost it then, starting to choking me and putting me to the ground, and I started to scream. Then, he hit me with a rifle on my neck and raped me.

“When he arrived that evening, he went directly to the toilet. When he came out, I asked him what is going on? he did not tell me what had happened and then he began to cry and I also started to cry,” the mother quoted on the evening of her son’s return after being raped.

According to the investigation, the mother submitted a report to the Criminal Investigation Department of the mercenaries in Taiz. The administration commissioned a forensic doctor to prepare a report. “However, the doctor working in a hospital controlled by the Islah refused.” The hospital asked the mother for a huge amount of money that the mother couldn’t bear to pay for this medical examination, in order to hinder, in an attempt to obliterate the crime and cover it.

The investigation mentioned another crime in which an Islah mercenary attempted to sexually assault a 12-year-old boy last July, but the boy survived the incident.

“He took him to his bedroom and threw him on the bed and threw his gun at his side and started to threaten him and told him that if he shouted or screamed, he would use his gun,” the organization quoted one of the boy’s relatives words. Then the militiaman went to close the door of the room and began to take off his clothes. At that moment the boy panicked and took the man’s gun and shot the man in defense of himself and fled.

The boy’s family informed the mercenary authorities of the operation but did not respond. The report also documented the third crime. An 8-year-old mother of a boy reported that her son was raped in at least two separate incidents between June and October by a son of a reformist (Islahi) imam.

“My son told me that the son of the imam imprisoned him in the mosque bath and covered his mouth with his hand until he almost suffocated him. Then he began to strip him of his clothes. After he finished, he entered another person to do the same thing with my son.”

The organization said it had seen medical reports that say the boy is now suffering from a defect in his ability to move, unable to focus, and concussion, as a result of the sexual assault on him.

The organization also said it had documented a fourth crime, speaking to the father of a 13-year-old boy who said his son was “raped by the same men in the same mosque.

These documented cases do not appear to be the only ones. Some local activists and some families have reported at least two cases of families they fear to speak for fear of retaliation by coalition-backed militias, and two families have been forced to change their home due to fear from these Islah militias.

The level of atrocity and criminal coordination between the perpetrators and the mercenary authorities makes the picture clearer and reveals the extent of hostility and hatred that the aggression and the mercenaries of the Yemeni people have on the part of the people of Yemen. It also shows the extent of atrocity and degeneration of this aggression and its supporters.

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