18 Saudi Brutal Airstrikes Target Various Areas in Yemen’s Saada


The US-Saudi aggressive coalition carried out a series of raids on various areas in the governorates of Saada province during the past 24 hours.

A security source in Saada said that the Saudi aggressive warplanes launched 16 raids on different areas within the district of Kataf, a raid on the district of Baqem, and a raid on the area of the Hajlah area in the Razih bordering district.

The source pointed out that a Saudi rocket shelling targeted populated villages in the border province of Razih, causing severe damage to the property of citizens.

The source condemned the continued hysteria raids on the province of Saada and the rest of the Yemeni provinces without justification, denouncing the silence of the international community from these crimes committed by the US-backed Saudi-UAE aggression and the destruction of the capabilities of the homeland and the property of citizens. The source concluded by calling upon those free and honorable people in this world to intervene in halting this barbaric aggression on Yemen.

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