March 12: Saudi Crimes on a Daily Basis


The US-Saudi aggression on Tuesday continued its raids and bombardments on several provinces, while its mercenaries on ground continued their violations of the Swedish agreement regarding the cease-fire agreement of Hodeidah.

In Hodeidah province, a child was shot dead by machine guns of the mercenaries in the west area of the Tuhita district. In addition, the coalition mercenaries targeted the farms and property of the citizens in al-Faza district in the Tuhita with 20 artillery shells and machine guns.

In the Durayhmi district within Hodeidah province, the Saudi-UAE invaders and their mercenaries targeted homes and properties in the besieged city of Durayhmi and surrounding areas with artillery shells and medium and heavy machine guns.

Also in Hodeidah, Saudi warplanes and espionage drones were witnessed hovering at the southern district in the province of Hodeidah,

In the province of Saada, the Saudi jets launched a raid on the area of the Hajjlah area in the Razih district, a raid on the district of Baqem, while it bombarded with rockets and artillery shells villages in the border province of Razih.

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