March 11: Saudi Crimes on a Daily Basis


The Saudi-American aggression continues its raids and bombardments on a number of governorates, causing material damage to property and continuing to violate the cease-fire in Hodeidah.

A woman and a man were shot dead by the Saudi-UAE mercenaries in the mountainous area of the Tuhita district, Hodiedah province.

A source from Hodiedah revelaed that more than 30 Katyusha rockets and 25 artillery shells had targeted different areas of the district of Tuhita, in conjuction of targeting 20 shells and using machine guns in targeting Zafran village in the area of Kilo 16. In addition, Saudi mercenaries used machine guns in scattering areas of the city of the besieged district of Durayhmi.

Huge fires broke out in one of the commercial hangars in the residential area of July 7 as a result of the intensive bombing of the forces of aggression on the region.

The source noted that the mercenaries targeted with artillery, the west of the al-Tuhita and citizens farms in al-Fayza, east of the airport and the 50th Street and towards the College of Engineering and the Summit Hotel. They also targeted with artillery and machine guns in the al-Dabayani neighborhood in the July 7 residential area and the airport.

The mercenaries also fired guided missiles at al-Ittihad Hotel in the July 7 residential area. More than 11 Shells targeted theMobile intersection and areas that are towards City Max.

The source also revealed that Espionage drones and warplanes affiliated with the aggression hovered over the city of Hodeidah.

In Hajjah province, the Saudi-led aggression warplanes carried out 5 raids on the Mandala area in the Kushar district and raid on the area of Talan located in the Center of the district.

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