The role of the Saudi-UAE media in the “soft” war and its relationship with ex-president “Afash”


The soft war and its destructive subversive policy; America’s new concept in invading peoples

By: Wael Shari

Translated by: Issac Ali

The soft war wasn’t predicted today, but it’s created by the US administration during all its wars against the people, specifically the ones that are Muslim countries. What is happening in Yemen is one of the most prominent examples of the soft and invisible war that is run by specialists from the countries of aggression. Here is a simple introduction to the soft war and a few vivid examples implemented by the aggression.

The US administration has adopted a new strategy in invading countries and controlling their peoples through other alternatives than armies equipped with the latest equipment and advanced electronic techniques. It is based on occupying minds and ideas and keeping souls busy by searching for their desires that go against the religion and the ideology of a country. This comes to reach a society without a religious identity that is easy to enslave. This soft war is the magical power through which enemies can achieve their plans without effort through the use of literature, media, advertisements, websites and satirical tv-programs that considered to be “entertaining” and broadcasted on the Arab media channels which seek to spread Western destructive concepts that call for mixing genders and freedom of choice of religion. Soft war is based on the behavior of individuals and their alienation to reach goals and objectives through attractiveness and not by force, in order to impose control over others and promote the American behavioral pattern by subjugating others and controlling their minds and the ability to change their desires, ideas, and orientations.

In the soft power book of the former US secretary of war Joseph Nye, who considered the goal of soft war to be the world’s preoccupation with the production of terms promoted by cultural, media and political elites, it relies mainly on the elements of foreign political culture and values using elements of attraction, polarization and indirect influence to reach self-conviction believing everything that is being promoted by this soft power.

The soft war is waged through smart strategic thinking centers led by American and Western intelligence agents and through the use of pro-American Arabic media channels and Arabic-speaking Western media, as well as social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram, and aim to target Muslims and Arabs through spreading false poisoning thoughts within the Muslim individual. This will lead Muslims to start questioning their religion and work, which will create internal psychological deficit that gives the feeling of that Muslims are unable to keep pace with Western development and they are worthless for their existence without joining the modernity and Western development in the style of methods Of life and transactions between men and women under the names of “openness”.

Soft war affects the behavior of society and individuals through the astonishment that leads to the loss of the true identity of society and the conviction of the principles and foundations and beliefs promoted by America and the rejection of self-identity by all means and blend with Western culture.

The soft war acts on psychological and moral defeat through loss of confidence in the capabilities and possibilities of individuals and societies as a whole. It also operates through spreading propaganda to deviate people from true values and beliefs by promoting “freedom”, “democracy”, “human rights” and other misleading names that appear right from the outside but has devilish intentions from the inside, and the goal is to take the peoples dignity and take over its riches.

The local agents of America do the job on their behalf not because they are unable to promote what they want themselves but to mislead the targeted communities and hide their intentions from them. In most cases, they rely on personalities, celebrities, organizations, and associations who adopt ideas to make them local.

Joseph Nye, the author of the Soft Power book, stated in his book that the best way to promote American ideas and goals is though non-Americans, local agents. A good example of this is what’s happening between Los Angeles and Tehran, where Iranian immigrants broadcast a television program directed at Iranian public opinion for reforming the political and Middle Eastern issues, America’s relations with Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya should be activated.

“Here, the radio stations broadcasted by the countries of the aggression in the areas of conflict can be described as a soft power against citizens living near combat zones, as well as media misinformation and destructing the ideology of the Yemeni identity. Examples of this are the justification given by the mercenary channels for the sitting of the Foreign Minister Khalid Yamani next to the Prime Minister of the Zionist entity at the Warsaw Conference.

The local agents adopt an enthusiastic patriotic speech that ignites the feelings of citizens without arousing suspicion to promote personal adoption of the ideas indirectly, without the knowledge of the masses, as the agent adopts an attitude that shows hostility to them, the US administration or enemies of that state, which follows the methods of deception that is characterized as the soft power. Local agents wear a mask to hide from the people and to show the fact that they are connected to America, who falsified the facts and dazzled slogans and destructive ideas that serve against them.

In this case, it is possible to describe that what has happened with the leader of the coup militia, Ali Abdullah Saleh Afash, before the events of December, when he held a regional speech against the countries of aggression to reach the hearts of the people and gain their support to implement the schemes of US and UAE intelligence in the fragmentation of the home front that has been resisting and confronting this Saudi-led aggression. At his last speech, he urged the countries of aggression to save him, and this coupist figure is one of the most serious issues that Yemen has faced as a soft war that is supported by the countries of aggression.

Another example of this soft power is the foreign tv-shows that meet great popularity among the Muslim communities, especially the young educated generation, where the satanic toxins are transmitted through which it promotes such as the forbidden relations between men and women as a normal friendship and there is nothing wrong with it. It also gives the Foreign ideology of a Civil marriage, which is far from religion and there is nothing wrong with the marriage of a Muslim to a Jew. There are many things that work to change the nature of the soul and its agents, including the marginalization of religion. They also promote drinking alcohol and women to have a miscarriage; in addition to bringing the idea of equality between men and women and the justification for gambling as a personal hobby and many of the things that destroy and disrupt the Muslim family.

Recently, security media revealed the arrest of a number of prostitution networks associated with foreign organizations aimed at disrupting the Yemeni society, which was revealed as a shock to the Yemeni society. The prostitution networks were all then linked to the Saudi-led aggression directly. This comes after Saudi Arabia along with its allies in Yemen have failed in all kind of wars, so they went to the dirty methods that break the spirits of the souls to take away their dignity and to reach what they have acquired from the schemes and implement them easily.

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