100 Military Posts Liberated; Scores of Saudi-UAE Mercenaries Killed, Injured in an offensive at the Dhale Front


The armed forces have succeeded in carrying out a qualitative operation in the front of al-Dhale, securing 100 military posts and strategic areas, including the strategic Nasa mountain.

The armed forces statement confirmed that more than 250 people were killed and wounded, while dozens surrendered themselves.

The statement added that the operational tasks were carried out in the Dhale with great success in five days and from three routes.

The statement pointed out that the entire strategic area of Jabal Nasa, which overlooks several areas in the provinces of Dhale and Ibb, has been secured, and areas that cover more than 100 square kilometers have been secured at the Dhale intersection.

The statement added that “dozens of vehicles and armored vehicles were destroyed and damaged in the confrontations of the Dhale axis.”The statement hailed the men of the province of Dhale on their honorable positions alongside the army and the popular committees.

In a preset time, the spokesman declared a foiled massive attack against Baqim district in Saada, northern Yemen, which resulted in the killing and injuring of more than 190 mercenaries.

The official spokesman of the Yemeni army explained that 90 at least 100 mercenaries were injured during the clashes, while 90 others were killed.

Last Sunday, as Yemen entered its fifth year of the war launched by Saudi aggression, the Yemeni force launched a retaliating operation on that matter against the Saudi militants, which resulted in the killing of 20 Saudi soldiers

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