Yemen Unveils New Ballistic Missile Called Badr_F (Video)


The Missile Force of the Yemeni army and volunteers from the Popular Committees revealed a new type of a domestic ballistic missile called Bader_F on Tuesday, simulating the Soviet Tochka missile.

Brigadier Yahya Saree, the spokesman for the army and the Popular Committees, revealed in a news conference that the missile force succeeded in manufacturing and developing a new ballistic missile, pointing out that the missile carries the specifications of Russian missile Tochka.

In addition, Saree mentioned that the development process of the new missile was carried out at the specialized studies center of the Martyr Abu Aqil compound of the missile force. He confirmed that the system entered the service and that the rocket operations center revived the first batch of the Badr_F ballistic missile.

The spokesman said that the missile, which is considered within the Badr missile system that also includes Badr_B, has a range of 160 km and it designates its target from 20 meters away, scattering shrapnel in the beam of 350 meters, indicating that the number of shrapnel is 14 thousand.

Brigadier Saireh explained that the Badr_F ballistic missile entered the service after achieving quality operations that have not been announced and fulfilled its objectives successfully, stressing at the same time that the Yemeni army is moving forward in developing its military defense capabilities in order to protect the country and to confront the aggression and defeat the invaders.

“We are talking about different systems of missiles owned by the army and Yemen that we will reveal more about in the coming period,” he said.

The spokesman of the army pointed out that the continuation of the aggression means the maintenance of military industries and development and thus the extension of military operations of missiles, pointing out that the missile force has the ability to launch double attacks on multiple targets at the same time.

The unveiling of the new ballistic missile comes in the context of the revival of Yemenis for the first anniversary of the martyrdom of President Al-Sammad. Brigadier-General Saree confirmed at his conference today that the blood of the martyred president has not been wasted and will continue to be the model in giving, asceticism, sincerity, determination, and patience.

The Brigadier Yahya Saree reviewed in his press conference field trials of the field ballistic missile Badr_F, including the targeting of groups of mercenaries affiliated with the aggression, local mercenaries and Sudanese Janjaweed, in the outer and inner fronts, which showed the great potential of the new Yemeni missile.

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