Time Magazine: UAE Has Turned Southern Yemen into Big Arena to Attract and Train Mercenaries


The occupied United Arab Emirates has turned Yemen’s southern provinces into a big arena to attract and train mercenaries, who provide their services in fighting with Abu Dhabi for only $ 7 a day, describing southern fighters as the cheapest, according to Time magazine.

“The war has turned thousands of aspiring young Yemenis in southern Yemen into a combat machine to be moved from one place to another,” said Richard Peter, a journalist specializing in international conflicts. The report pointed out that the southern leaders belonging to them, including Idaruss Zubaidi and Hani Ben Brik are pushing thousands of young people in the south to the death camps in the north. It explained that the youth of the south is used by the UAE as the cheapest mercenaries in the world.

Peter pointed out in his report that Africa topped the list of the cheapest mercenaries in the world before the United Arab Emirates occupied and invaded southern Yemen, just to top the list. The report also stressed that the UAE exploited the feelings of the southerners towards the restoration of the state, and took advantage of the popular demand to turn it into a mobilization tool to mobilize thousands of mercenaries to fight in their ranks.

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