Saudi-Led Airstrike Kills 7 Yemenis, Children and Women Included, in the Dhale Gov.

Civilians on Their Cars Get Bombarded by a Saudi Raid in the Dhale Yemen Province


A Saudi-led massacre was committed today against Seven people, including women and children, after an aerial attack by the Saudi fighters that attacked the southern province of Dhale.

According to an official source from the aforestated province, six citizens were killed, including women and children, after the aggression conducted two raids on two cars in the al-Ouad area, between the districts of Qutba and Sha’er.
It is worth noting that the army along with volunteers from the popular committees have liberated the al-Ouad region and several other areas and districts from the Saudi_UAE invaders and native mercenaries mid-month in the same province, which prompted the aggression to target the citizens.
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