May 5: The Daily Update of the Saudi Crimes, Violations against Yemen


The Saudi-led forces and mercenaries continued their crimes, violations in the province of Hodeidah and other provinces after few hours of beginning the holy month of Ramadan and without regard to the sanctity of the holy month, a citizen was killed on Sunday evening by mercenary fire affiliated with the Saudi aggression in the province of Hodeidah.

A source from the coastal Yemeni province of Hodeidah reported an artillery bombardment on the homes of citizens in al-Shuhada Street, wounding a number of civilians; in addition, medium-caliber bullets fired at various areas near the Qimah hotel in the 7Yolio residential area.
In a preset time, the invaders and mercenaries bombed Hodeidah International Airport with 45 artillery shells and heavy machine guns. Two houses were also destroyed in the besieged city of the Durayhmi as a result of Saudi shelling by artillery and machine guns.
The crimes of mercenaries did not stop at that point. They shelled with 72 shells the farms and property belonging to citizens south and west of the city of Tuhita. They also fired medium machine guns at the Faculty of Engineering.
In the province of Amran, the US-Saudi fighter jets launched two raids on the district of Harf Sufyan.
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