Economic Committee Holds Emergency Meeting, Threatens Aggression Forces


The Supreme Economic Committee held an emergency meeting to discuss the escalation, of the US-Saudi aggression and their mercenaries, against the economic situation in Yemen.

Their targeting of the economy has increased starvation and struggling of the Yemeni People. The Committee said in a statement “we are considering all options and effective ways to respond and raise them to the political leadership within a week.”

The Committee holds the aggression and the international community, led by the United Nations responsible for the implications of the options that will be taken. It pointed out that all illegal actions by the enemy against the Yemeni economy were the main cause of the Yemeni People’s suffering, starvation and capabilities destruction.

“It has become necessary to stand up seriously to face the economic war as a strategic option for the enemy that depends on it today after the failure of all its military options,” she said. The Supreme Economic Committee called on the people to be ready to support the options that will be taken in the context of facing the economic war imposed on the country.

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