Saudi Arabia Prevents Yemenis from Performing Umrah for Political Reasons


Hajj and Umrah Section at the Ministry of Awqaf (Endowments and Guidance) on Sunday announced that Saudi authorities banned the entry of Yemeni pilgrims, from the northern provinces, to perform Umrah for the current season, despite fulfilling the conditions.

“Saudi authorities used to return Yemeni pilgrims from Wadia avenue, although they hold the necessary visa for Umrah, under the pretext that they are from areas under the control of the Supreme Political Council and the National Salvation Government,” said Hajj and Umrah’s Undersecretary Ismail Dhaifallah in a press statement.

“It is the right of every Muslim to pilgrimage to Makkah Holy Mosque or to perform Umrah. No one has the right to prevent or deprive Muslims of visiting the Holy Mosque, especially after the completion of the procedures and regulations in force,” Dhaifallah added.


Source: YPA

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