Report: Losses of Youth, Sports Sector Amounted to $1 Billion due to US-Saudi Aggression Targeting


Official statistics recorded one billion dollars losses of the Youth and Sports sector as a result of direct and indirect targeting by the aggression. According to a report by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, 107 youth and sports facilities were totally and partially destroyed as a result of the aggression. The losses amounted to about $650 million, while the preliminary estimates of damages and indirect losses amounted to $350 million.

The report pointed out that the establishments targeted by the aggression were distributed in 17 governorates, the Sana’a city ranked first with 32 establishments with a loss of $210 million. The provinces of Aden and Al-Mahweet came second with nine establishments each with $114 million, followed by the provinces of Abyan and Hodeidah by eight facilities in each of them and losses amounted to $142 million, and the provinces of Sa’ada and Al-Baidha by seven facilities worth $22 million.

Sports and youth facilities in Taiz and a Hajjah were targeted by US-Saudi aggression and its mercenaries were by six installations worth $37 million, followed by the provinces of Ibb and Marib, which three facilities were destroyed each of them losses of $60 million. Two facilities in each Amran, Dhamar and Hadramout governorates were damaged in a loss of $ 51 million. One sports facility in Raima, Al-Dhale’e and Shabwa was destroyed with a loss of $2 million.

The report pointed out that the aggression targeted seven stadiums, 13 sports courts, destroyed 13 closed gymnasiums, nine youth hostels, 20 administrative headquarters and six headquarters of sports federations.

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