Abdelsalam to UN and Security Council: Prove your Credibility Even once


Head of the Yemeni Delegation, Mohamed Abdulsalam said Saturday that “the unilateral redeployment, happening under the supervision of the United Nations, is a step toward the implementation of the Stockholm agreement,” stressing in a tweet “the United Nations and the Security Council has to prove their credibility even once.”

AbdelSalam, said to the United Nations and the Security Council, “You have an opportunity to force the other party to carry out its obligations. Instead of selling us words, prove your credibility on the ground.”

Earlier in the day, Brig. Gen. Mohammed Al-Qadri, a member of the joint coordination team, announced that the army and the popular committees had implemented the first phase of the redeployment from the ports in Hodeidah and that the United Nations must fulfill its obligations.

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