YMU Express Condolences on the Death of a Yemeni Director by a Saudi Raid


The Yemeni Media Union (YMU) expressed its condolences of the death of television director Fayez Deboan al-Shamiri, who was killed on Saturday by an airstrike conducted by the Saudi-US warplanes on the capital Sanaa last Sunday morning.

The Union stressed in a statement that the targeting of media institutions and media personnel is a war crime that will not be ever be forgiven.

The statement pointed out that the targeting of national media and cadres is a clear violation of international norms and covenants.

The Union renewed its commitment to the legal right guaranteed by international laws and conventions to prosecute all those involved in targeting media institutions and media, led by leaders from the Saudi kingdom and the US for continuing its participation and support of the war on Yemen.

Fayez Dabwan is one of the cadres of the Yemeni satellite channel working as a director of television programs.

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