WFP Spoiled Aid Causes a tragic Illness in Yemen’s Rima-Report


The last aid provided by the World Food Organization (WFP) last week to the people of Jafariya district in Rima governorate caused the deterioration of the health situation and the high incidence of diarrhea in light of the difficult situation experienced by the district as a result of the US-backed Saudi-UAE aggression and their imposed siege on the country.

The people of the district called for accountability for the perpetrators of this disaster and put an end to this farce that is intended by the humanitarian organizations and the accountability of the corrupt.

The local authority held an emergency meeting to hold the perpetrators accountable and to know the reasons for distributing such infected food.

Governor of the province confirmed in a statement to the al-Masirah Arabic channel that legal actions were taken against the perpetrators for distributing spoiled food and the referral of the perpetrators to the competent authorities to receive deterrent punishment.

The Citizens explained that the health office in Rima neglected saving lives after the spread of the epidemic widely in the district. The civilians stressed that they went to the hospitals themselves to treat themselves despite the difficult economic conditions they are currently facing.

It is well known that the World Food Programme distributed on the seventh of July, large quantities of flour that were expired and unfit for human use in the area of Rima, Jafariyah Directorate.

Prior to that, the General Organization for Standardization and Quality Control has destroyed tens of thousands of tons of rotten aid as it arrived at the port of Hodeidah and also in the warehouses of the World Food Organization, which led the WFP to halt its work in the capital Sana’a and its surroundings.

People of Yemen now know the real face of those humanitarian organization that put the mask of humanity after their corruption is publicly known. When the forces of aggression realized that the military force has not been working out, it rushed to establish a counterfeit force of humanity to kill civilians in all provinces … At least this what convinced the people of the district In the Yemeni province of Rima.

Pictures of some of the patients and the expired-infected food delivered by the WFP


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