Prisoners’ Committee: UN Envoy’s Briefing Shocking, Totally Ignored Our Approval of His Initiative


The National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs confirmed on Tuesday that it has responded to the UN envoy’s initiative in the prisoner exchange file in less than a week, confirming its approval.

“Since we agreed to the initiative of the UN envoy, we have not received any report of tangible progress in this aspect, except what was issued today from the sudden position,” the Committee said in a statement.

“We were surprised of the UN envoy position in his briefing to the Security Council, where he completely ignored our approval of his initiative and the intransigence of the forces of aggression and non-response,” it added.

The Committee stated that as the UN-envoy goes along with the Saudi regime, he encourages countries of aggression to procrastinate and not to be serious.

The National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs demanded the UN envoy to disclose to the public opinion the party that is obstructing and rejecting his initiative.

“It seems that the latest UN envoy’s initiative will be like other initiatives that have not been implemented. Everyone must know the truth of the situation without fallacy, camouflage and misinformation,” the Committee said.

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