Israeli Attacks on Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon Shows Failure of Proxy Wars


The official spokesman of Ansarullah Mohamed Abdel Salam, on Sunday, called on Arab countries to shoulder their responsibilities towards the aggression against three countries, including the aggression by the Israeli enemy and to realize that the inherent nature of the enemy is a threat to all and confronting it is the responsibility of all.

In a social media post, Abdel Salam said Israeli enemy attacks were “threatening American messages through Israel with an all-out war to subdue the region to Trump’s deal and liquidate the Palestinian cause.

“The aggressive Israeli attacks on more than one Arab country is an expression of the great failure reached by proxy wars against Yemen, Syria and Iraq.”Abdel Salam Said in a post on social media.

Moreover, he strongly condemned the enemy raids on Syria and the headquarters of the Popular Mobilization in Iraq, and Lebanon’s subjection to a flagrant violation of its sovereignty at dawn yesterday.

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