Sana’a Commemorates the Martyrdom of Imam Zaid Bin Ali PBH

Sana’a | October 26 | Yamanyoon

A mass march rally attended by tens of thousands of Yemeni citizens to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Zaid bin Ali peace be upon him “25 Muharram” in front of Al Kobra hall.

The march began with the republican anthem and phrases from the Holy Quran, followed by poems and speeches praising the role of Imam Zaid and his revolution against tyrants and the arrogant. The revolution of 21 September, which is the revolution of Ansarullah, is considered an extension of the revolution against tyranny. Speeches also denounced the continued war waged by the US-backed Saudi coalition against Yemen.

Participants in the march raised the flags of the Republic of Yemen and banners condemning the crimes of the Saudi American aggression against the Yemeni people in a period of more than 18 months, most recently the massacre committed in Al Kobra hall where the Saudi warplanes targeted a funeral procession.

Yemenis chanted at the rally denouncing the imposed blockade and crimes of the Saudi-led coalition against the Yemeni people such as (We will not tolerate this blockade.. arrogant states will fall), ( From Zaid leader of liberals, my people declare mobilization), (the transferred bank and siege will not kneel the Yemen of liberals), (Zaid ally of Quran, you are the title of pride).

The poet of the revolution, Hadi Al Razami, gave a poem which addressed the principles of Imam Zaid’s revolution and and the link between Yemeni people to these principles, which trembled the oppressors, and compared past dictators and tyrants of the current era.

Moreover, a nasheed or a blaring song was played by Ansarullah band urged to draw inspiration from the lessons of the revolution and Imam Zaid’s sacrifice in order to gain freedom and to face occupiers and colonialists.

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