Saudi Bombardment Kills 18 Yemeni Civilians in Saada

Saada | December 9 | Yamanyoon

Two Yemeni citizens have been killed and three others got injured today by the US-backed Saudi coalition’s air raids targeting Nadhir region in Razih district, Saada governorate.

Saudi fighter jets waged this morning 3 raids on Nadhir region in Razih, killing two and injuring another three civilians, local source reported.

In addition, at least 5 killed and 8 wounded civilians are the result of a Saudi missile bombardment on Talan region in Haydan district.

In the same context, the coalition’s warplanes struck regions of Mandabh, Mandabh mountain, Rabuah road, Thuban and Al Bahah in Saada governorate using 12 air raids.

A woman and three of her children of Maqit family were also killed yesterday in Baqm district by the Saudi American raids.

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