British manufactured cluster bombs have been used in Yemen by Saudi Arabia

Decmber 20| Yamanyoon

Government analysis has indicated that British-made cluster bombs have been used by Saudi Arabia-led forces in the war in Yemen.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon is among ministers to have been made aware of the analysis, sources told The Guardian.

Michael Fallon has confirmed British-made cluster bombs have been used by Saudi Arabian forces in the current Yemen conflict.

The admission by the Defence Secretary in the Commons came after a Government analysis indicated that cluster bombs manufactured in the UK in 1980s had been used by the Saudi-led coalition in the on-going civil war in Yemen.

The Government said it takes the allegations “very seriously” and has raised them with the Saudi-led coalition.

Media reports have repeatedly suggested cluster bombs made in the UK had been used in the war.

Because of their extraordinary risk to civilians, cluster bombs were banned in 2010 in an international treaty signed by Britain.

The UK’s signature on the Cluster Munitions Convention also means it must be committed to preventing the banned weapon’s use by other nations.

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