Aggression’s Raids in Yemen


Aggression warplanes committed several crimes in Saada , Hajja ,Sana’a and Marib. The aggresson dropped 7 types of cluster bombs and more than 20 cluster bombs dropped during 2016 . With the beginning of the new Year the warplanes of the aggression committed horrible crime against the poor citizens in Marib province , where they kill children and their parents  and  their grandfather .

In addition , fighter jets launched 10 raids in different area in Saada province and targeted property of the citizens . Also , the agreeisson targeted Hajja province by 7 raids .

Moraover, the warplanes launched at least 8 raids in Sanan’a province targeted Niham director , and 6 raids targeted Shbwa province .

Yemen is bleeding and the world ignore talking about the murderer and the UN silent for all crimes Committed by the warplanes of the aggression.

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