Aggression Waged brutal Raids in the Provinces of Yemen

February 13 | Yamanyoon

The aggression warplanes waged several raids in the provinces of Yemen and intensify the raids in Taiz province .

In Taiz , the warplanes waged at least 15 raids in Mokah district and the others areas in the province . The warplanes waged 3 raids on the home of the Dr.Malok and cause dozens of martyrs and she lose her leg.

In Al Hodeidah  , the warplanes of the aggression launched 13  raids  on the different areas in the province and targeted the fishermen in Al Arij coast . The raids led to dozens of  martyrs .

In Marib and Al Bithah , the warplanes waged several raids in the provinces .

Yemen is bleeding and the world ignore talking about the murderer also the UN silent for all crimes Committed by the aggression.

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