Army Artillery and Popular Committees Targeting Groupings of Saudi soldiers

February 14 | Yamanyoon

The army artillery and popular committees  targeted  gatherings of the Saudi army in Al Gawiah military site, in Jizan. Also,  the Yemeni army snipe Saudi soldier in Souda site in Al Kopah .

In addition , the army and popular committees  targeted  the Saudi army on the eastern Al Shrgiah by rocket  type of Al Sarkah 3 , and waged number of shells on the gathering of aggression mechanisms northern Saudi areas .

In the same context , targeted groupings of Saudis soldiers in Alan camp , and the army artillery bombardment on the gatherings of the Saudi army and mercenaries in Baubat Al twal , in Jizan.

In Asir , the army and popular committees targeted groupings of  mercenaries and Saudi  soldiers , and killed number of them .

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