Aggression’s Raids in Yemen

February 14 | Yamanyoon

Monitor the Saudi American aggression crimes in all the provinces of Yemen:

In Taiz , the warplanes of the aggression waged 10 raids in the province and dropped two  bombs flashlight in Dubab district .

In Saada , the warplanes waged 8 raids and killed 7 citizens and injured others in Bagiam district .

In Al Hodeidah , the warplanes of the aggression launched 5 raids and led 4 martyrs and injured others .

In Marib and Hajjah , the warplanes aggression waged 6 raids in the areas of the provinces.

The aggression use all the forbidden weapons to kill the Yemeni and they dropped in 2016 more than 15 cluster bombs in Saad’a, Sana’a and Hajja.

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