A New Saudi American Massacre: Killed and Injured Women in a Funeral

Sana’a | February 15 | Yamanyoon

A number of civilians have been killed and others injured in a new massacre committed by the US-backed Saudi aggression against a funeral procession in Arhab district, Sana’a governorate.

The hostile warplanes waged a raid on several women with their children attending a funeral in Shra’a village, Arhab district, resulting in several deaths and injuries, security source reported.

US-backed Saudi fighter jets continued the intense hovering over the heinous crime scene in Al Alnakii region, Arhab.

Initial death toll indicates the martyrdom of six women and the injury of another 10.

The Saudi American aggression has committed various war crimes targeting funeral processions, most notably Al Kobra massacre on the 8th of last October that left over a 1000 killed and injured.


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