Great achievements in the Border Battlefronts

March 1 | Yamanyoon

Army and popular committees targeted the Saudi soldiers in their sites and killed dozens of them in the border  battlefronts .

In Jizan , army artillery and popular committees launched  number of shells in Al mhwal site , and the unit sniping of the army and popular committees snipe Saudi soldiers in Jizan.

In Najran , the army and popular committees targeted groupings of Saudi soldiers and their mercenaries in Tabat Al ramlah and killed dozens of them.

In the same context , the army force and popular committees waged number of shells at gathering of Saudi-Paid mercenaries in Al Haram site , and the shells killed dozens of them and wounded  others .

Also , the unit sniping of the Yemeni army snipe Saudi soldiers in Najaran .

These military operations function as a response to the constant war crimes committed by the US-backed Saudi coalition against Yemeni civilians since March 26 of 2015.

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