An Update: Death Toll Rises to Five in the Saudi Attack on Bee Farms in Hodeidah (Photos)


The death toll of the US-backed Saudi air strikes on bee farms on Monday rose to five.

The victims of the air raids on the honey farms in Aljabana area, district of al-Hali rose to 5 deaths, an updated source on the Saudi attack reported.

In a preset time, a source reported the killing of 3 bee farmers in the area of Aljabana in al-Hali district, in Hodeidah coastal province, as four raids were carried out by the Saudi aggression at 2 AM on honey bee farms.

Earlier in the night, Saudi warplanes targeted the citizens’ honey beekeepers near the village of al-Nashiri in the al-Maraweh district, causing heavy material damage.

A UAV military drone affiliated with the Saudi aggression, targeted with a raid at 2 AM, fishermen’s cottages on the coast of the village of Makram in the island of Kamran, where there is no information of any casualties or victims in the airstrike.

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