Massive Protest in Hodeidah to Condemn Saudi Economic War,Declare Public Moblization (Photos)


The civilians and the tribes of the district of Bagel, in the coastal province of Hodeidah province, organized on Monday a mass rally in opposing the policy of starvation imposed by the Saudi aggression, and to declare public mobilization against the Saudi aggression.

During the demonstration, the Governor of the province of Hodeidah, Mr. Mohamed Ayyash Qahim, stressed that Yemenis are stronger today than ever before, and that men will continue to confront the Saudi-UAE invaders, pointing out that the people’s money is systematically looted by Hadi’s government that is supported by Riyadh and being controlled by the Saudi coalition.

The governor called on the tribes of Tihama to mobilize and intensify efforts to stand against the Saudi aggression, praising the military achievements that are done by the army and the popular committees in the West Coast, who have attained victories over the Saudi mercenaries and occupiers.

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