Daily Update of Saudi Crimes in Yemen (Oct.8.2018)


The Saudi-led aggression continued it bombardment on various Yemeni provinces and regions, leaving killed, wounded civilians, in addition to material damage to property.

In al-Hodeidah coastal province, a number of five citizens were killed while another was injured after four aerial raids were conducted on a honey bee farm in the area of Bear Issa that is adjacent to al-Jabbana area in the district of al-Hali.

Saudi-led jets carried out two raids on the district of Bara, and a raid on a citizen’s farm in the district of Maraweh, and launched an aerial attack with a UAV drone in the southern side of the cottages of fishermen in the village of Makram, Kamran island.

In Saada northern province, a civilian was injured and a car was burned by Saudi gunfire in al-Raqou within the district of Munebah. Additionally, a citizen was injured by Saudi rockets and artilleries shelling attack that hit populated villages in the border district of Shada.

Property of citizens was damaged as a result of 3 aerial Saudi raids on the area of al-Hijla in Razih bordering district.

In Yemen’s Marib, the Saudi aggression carried out three raids on Wadi al-Daiq in the district of Sarawah.

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