A Meeting Between Local Authority of Hodeidah with the Head of the International Monitoring Committee


The local authority in Hodeidah province discussed yesterday with the new head of the International Monitoring Committee in Hodeidah Michael Lollesgaard and his accompanying delegation the procedures and arrangements that are necessary for the implementation of Sweden’s agreement on the governorate and its ports.

During the meeting, the governor of Hodeidah, Mohammad Ayyash Qahim, pointed out that everyone in Hodeidah is looking for an honorable peace that guarantees the injection of Yemeni blood and the raising of their humanitarian suffering.

He stressed the keenness of the local authority to maintain cooperation to ensure the success of the work of the Commission and to reach witnessed results on the ground and to ensure the implementation of the agreement Sweden .. pointing out that the local authority in the province will work to provide facilities and transfers members of the Monitoring Committee to carry out their tasks in the implementation of the agreement of Sweden.

The acting governor of Hodeidah pointed out that the continuation of the other party backed by the Saudi-led aggression in its escalatory actions through its military operations in the governorate and its various districts is clear evidence of its lack of seriousness in adhering to the ceasefire and the implementation of the Swedish agreement.

The governor illustrated the latest crime of the Saudi-led coalition through its warplanes, in which it targeted a boat of fishermen in the north of the Badid Island in the al-Lahiah district, resulting in the killing and injuring more than 15 fishermen.

While the Lieutenant governor of the province Ali Qashr and Abdul-Jabbar Ahmed Mohammed stressed that the Saudi aggression continues to commit horrific crimes against the people of Hodeidah, especially fishermen who are subjected to the worst crimes and daily killing, depriving them of practicing their activities in fishing, which is their only source of livelihood.

They explained that the agreement of Sweden aims to stop the military operations and the withdrawal of troops to achieve security for the people of Hodeidah.

For his part, the head of the UN Monitoring Committee, General Michael Lollesgaard, pointed out that all eyes of the international community are on Hodeidah until the implementation of the agreement that was agreed on during Sweden consultations.

The head of the UN monitors stressed the importance of cooperation by all for implementing the agreement and in order to strengthen the peace process in Yemen. “I am an intermediary, I will work for the success of the agreement by obtaining the confidence of the parties without preference,” he said.

The Security Council will hold a meeting on Yemen next Monday and there will be political pressure to implement the agreement, which everyone hopes to implement, starting by the commitment to a cease-fire and to start the implementation of redeployment and end the tension in the city and open roads and access to the Red Sea Mills to deliver aid Humanitarian and relieve the suffering of the citizens in the governorate and other governorates.

The head of the UN Monitoring Committee praised the cooperation of the local authority leadership in Hodeidah by overcoming difficulties and facilitating the movement of the committee to carry out its duties in implementing the agreement and redeployment in the governorate.

The meeting was attended by the head of the local council’s services committee, the director of the National Authority for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Jaber al-Razzahi and the vice-chairman of the UN Monitoring Committee, Yinz Bering.

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