Warsaw Summit Unveils Truth of Who’s the Yemeni People Are in Reality in a War With


US Assistant Secretary of State for International Negotiations Jason Greenblatt on Thursday exposed the relationship of the mercenary Saudi backed government with the Israeli enemy and its public normalization from within the Warsaw Conference Hall.

Without shame, in front of the cameras, the foreign minister of the mercenaries, Khaled al-Yamani, showed loyalty and dependence on the entity to lend the loudspeaker to the so-called Israeli prime minister during the Warsaw summit after it was observed that the loudspeaker in front of Netanyahu wasn’t working.

The pictures showed the al-Yamani’s boasting of sitting next to Netanyahu at the summit, which claims to “resolve” the Palestinian issue.

An American official named Greenblatt, said in a tweet through his official account on Twitter, that ” A lighthearted moment, Netanyahu microphone was not working so FM of Yemen loaned him his microphone. Netanyahu joked about the new cooperation between Israel and Yemen. Step by step…”

He, later on, tweeted about how amazing it was to be sitting in a small distance from the foreign ministers of Yemen, Qatar, Oman, the UAE, Bahrain and Netanyahu (others in the region here too).”

Analysts say the mercenaries Saudi backed foreign minister have strengthened their relationship after Saudi Arabia and the UAE did.

“The Yemeni people are not responsible for what the mercenary government is doing to normalize with the Zionist entity because it is, in fact, facing the aggression of 17 countries, including Israel,” said Mohammed al-Bukhaiti, a member of the political bureau of Ansar Allah.

In addition, the spokesman of the Yemeni army, Brigadier General Saree posted on his Facebook page the picture of Hadi’s foreign minister, Khaled al-Yamani, sitting next to the Israeli minister in the so-called Warsaw Peace summit in the Middle East. The spokesman commented on the picture, saying “so that everyone can know who we are fighting.”

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