Saudi Mercenary Leader Hands Himself over to the Yemeni Army in Dhamar


The leader of the militias of the mercenaries of the Saudi American aggression in Marib called “Majid al-Nu’mani”, handed himself over to the security services in the province of Dhamar.

The “security media” said that some of the confessions of al-Nu’mani revealed that he left the mercenary militias in Marib and was responsible for recruitment, as a colonel working for the Saudi agendas in Yemen. He then realized the huge conspiracy that is targeting the country which is carried out through mercenaries affiliated with the US-Saudi aggression.

The Center quoted Nu’mani as saying that the aggression is liquidating many of its mercenaries if they do not obey its orders or fail to implement them.

In addition, the security media published a video recording of those confessions said by this mercenary leader.

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