April 3: Saudi Crimes and Violations in Yemen on a Daily Basis


The Saudi-American aggression and their mercenaries continued on Wednesday to carry out raids and bombardments on a number of provinces, leaving killed and wounded civilians, in addition to causing material damage to public and private property. The Saudi aggression also resumed its violations against Hodeidah.

In Hodeidah, three women were killed and two civilians were wounded as the invaders and mercenaries shelled the Rubsah intersection in the Haook district.

In addition, the forces of the aggressive Saudi coalition targeted with more than 30 artillery shells, the Faculty of Medicine, al-Jamal roundabout intersection The al-Hodeidah University and Airport, and the areas south of the district of Hays were also subjected to artillery shelling.

Also, the Saudi-UAE mercenaries launched 24 artillery shells on the area of al-Fayza, the district of Tuhita, and shelled eight shells on the city of the Durayhmi.

It is worth mentioning that the Saudi-UAE military aircraft and espionage drones kept hovering over the city of Hodeidah and its districts.

In al-Bayda governorate, 4 civilians were killed after a Saudi combat drone targeted a water truck in the al-Wahabiya area of the al-Sawadiyah district.

In al-Dhale, the US-backed Saudi aggression conducted a raid on the Nasa mountain.

In the Hajjah province, two air raids by the Saudi aggression targeted the district of Mustba.

In Saada, various areas within Munebah and Shada border areas were shelled by rockets and shells, causing severe damage to homes and property.

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