Yemen’s Forces Are Stronger Than the First Day of the Saudi War on Yemen: Army Spokesman


Armed forces spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Saree said that the Yemeni forces are stronger than they were on the first day of the aggression. “In four years, our forces have achieved great achievements in terms of reconstruction under conditions of war and aggression.

He said in a press conference on Thursday that: “the most important achievements that our forces managed with the help of God to neutralize weapons surpassed by the aggression, and succeeded in dealing with various kinds of circumstances. As long as the aggression continues, we will obtain more power at all levels and in various fields.

Saree pointed out that tens of thousands of honorable Yemeni people have joined the fronts and there are many others like them from the military reserve force who are always ready to meet the call of duty at any moment.

The spokesman added that during the month of March, the rocket force carried out 12 operations targeting the concentrations and camps of mercenaries under Saudi-UAE ranks. All the operations were carried out with ballistic missiles model Badr P_1. Among the objectives was the training camp east of the al-Nar mountain and gatherings for the so-called Araba Brigade in the Khawbah west of al-Malahit, asserting that the intelligence confirmed the success of all pre-emptive strikes of the missile force, all of which achieved their objectives. He pointed out that the Air Force Command carried out one joint operation with the artillery unit in which they targeted mercenaries in Nihm.

Brigadier Saree confirmed that the Yemeni military after March 26, 2015, is not as it was before, neither organizational nor intellectual. Yemen’s military today and its practical reality builds its new history and the history of Yemen.

He pointed out that the armed forces are committed to translating what was said in the speech of the Commander, Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi on the day of national steadfastness, especially with regard to the development of military capabilities as well as formulating a defensive strategy that takes into account geographical depth as a starting point towards liberating every inch of the homeland.

Saree then spoke about the raids launched by the aggression, in which he stressed that the number of air raids carried out by the coalition of aggression reached during the month of March 559 air strikes. Most raids targeted the province of Saada, in which the number of raids on the province was308, indicating that the continuation of air raids and the blockade of land, sea and air and the killing of civilians has resulted in devastating consequences all Yemenis and therefore, the Yemeni army, as it is its responsibility, took appropriate measures to confront this brutal aggression.

General Saree said that the political leadership confirmed the continuation of the work of the public amnesty and the return of the mercenaries is welcome, emphasizing that all necessary arrangements will be taken to assure the return of whoever wishes safely.

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