Mohammed Al-Houthi Calls on UN, Security Council to Establish Mechanism for Selling Yemeni Crude Oil


The member of the Supreme Political Council Mohammed Al-Houthi called on the United Nations and the Security Council to establish a mechanism for selling Yemeni crude oil, including the oil of the floating ship, Saffer, in the Red Sea.

‘We call on the United Nations and the Security Council to put a mechanism based on the sale of Yemeni crude oil,” the member of the Political Council said in a tweet on Tuesday.

He added that the implementation of the mechanism comes “in exchange for the supply and import of petroleum, diesel and domestic gas as they are necessary materials for citizens,” with the returning what is gained to Sana’a and Aden banks to pay citizens salaries of all employees.”

It is worth mentioning that the floating ship Saffer carries 1 million and 174 thousand barrels of crude oil. The US-Saudi aggression on Yemen has stopped the ship’s activity for more than four years, preventing its maintenance and supplying of fuel oil. Most of its activities have been halted. Which threatens the region with an environmental disaster.

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