May 4: The Daily Update of the Saudi Crimes Against Yemen


The Saudi-American aggression against Yemen, along with their mercenaries, continued on Saturday to launch raids and bombardments on a number of provinces, leaving wounded civilians and causing material damage to public and private property. They also continued to violate the cease-fire agreement of Hodeidah.

In the coastal province of Hodeidah, two civilians were injured by a mortar shell launched by the invaders and mercenaries on the Jabliah area located in the Tuhita district.

The forces of aggression conducted 22 Katyusha rockets and 15 artillery shells on the al-Faza area in the Tuhita district, shelled 11 shells on the Jablish area and 11 artillery shells south of the city of Tuhita.

Moreover, 20 Katyusha rockets and 32 artillery shells were subjected against farms and property of citizens in the area of al-Fayza and south of the city of Tuhita.

Additionally, the Saudi-UAE invaders and mercenaries targeted Hodeidah International Airport with more than 28 artillery shells in continuous violation of the ceasefire agreement.

Also, the mercenaries used heavy and medium weapons in targeting the west of the village of al-Shijn, east, and southeast of the city of the Durayhmi.

The Saudi-led espionage drones and warplanes continued hovering over the city of Hodeidah and its districts.

In the Hajjah governorate, the Saudi-led fighter jets carried out 4 raids on the district of Harad, while Saudi-led warships conducted eight missiles against the areas of al-Herajah and Bhais in the Medi district.

In the northern province of Saada, the Saudis carried out a series of air raids on the district of al-Zaher and launched three air raids on the Bani Muaz area in the Suhar district.

In Asir, a number of 4 air raids were carried out on the Majazah area.

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