2 Civilians Injured by Saudi Bombing in Hodeidah, Western Yemen (Photos)


Two people were injured last Saturday in the province of Hodeidah by a shell launched by the invaders and their mercenaries.

A number of two citizens were wounded by a mortar shell fired by the Saudi-UAE invaders and mercenaries on the Jabliah area in the district of Tuhita.

Earlier in that day, invaders and mercenaries fired 28 artillery shells at Hodeidah International Airport.

The invaders and mercenaries in Hodeidah continue to violate the Swedish agreement, where the spokesman of the armed forces had revealed yesterday the total violations committed by the Saudi aggression, which amounted to 19924 violations since the achievement of the agreement last December in 2018 and until last April.

Names of the injured:

Ahmed Fetini Zeih, 65 years old, Injuries scattered in the face and abdomen and the right hand.

Anwar Ahmed Saeed Zeih, 35 years old, Injuries on the face and scattered fragments on the body.

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