May 8: A Daily Update of the Saudi Crimes Against Yemen


The Saudi-American aggression continues its rocket and artillery bombardment on a number of Yemeni provinces and areas, causing material damage to property and taking the life of a woman and injuring a little girl in the coastal province of Hodeidah that comes in the context of the violations committed against the ceasefire agreement of.

An official source from the coastal city of Hodeidah reported last Wednesday the death of an elderly woman and the injury of a girl by a mortar shell launched by the invaders and mercenaries on the area of al-Fers in the Tuhita district.

The source added that a number of 17 artillery shells and machine guns targeted the property of citizens in the outskirts of the city of the besieged city of Durayhmi.

Moreover, 11 artillery shells and Katyusha rockets shelled the Jabliah area in the Tuhita district.

In the northern province of Saada, densely populated villages in the border district of Shada witnessed rocket and artillery attacks by Saudi Arabia.

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