5 Women, Elderly Man Died as Result of US-Saudi Siege Imposed on Durayhmi of Hodeidah


5 women and an elderly man died on Wednesday as a result of the siege imposed by the US-Saudi Aggression and its mercenaries on Duraihmi city of Hodeidah.

The local authority in Hodeidah strongly condemned the crimes and violations of aggression mercenaries in the government, the latest of five women and an elderly man died because of the siege imposed on Duraihmi city.

The local authority condemned in a statement the continued siege of Duraihmi and the prevention of entering food and relief aid to the residents of the besieged city for more than six months.

The local pointed to the shameful silence of the humanitarian organizations about the disastrous situation in Duraihmi city, which reached to the death due to hunger and disease because of aggression and siege.

The statement held the United Nations responsible for the suffering of citizens in the Duraihmi in particular and Hodeidah governorate in general.

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