YMU Reveals Shocking Statistics of Violations, Crimes Committed by the Saudi Aggression Against Yemen’s National Media


The Yemeni Media Union, on Saturday, presented a press conference in Sana’a about the violations against media and the national media during the four years of aggression against Yemen.

The Union said in its report entitled “witness martyr” that the Saudi-American aggression and its mercenaries have committed dozens of crimes against journalists Yemen, confirming the killing of 243 journalists and the wounding of 22 others in those crimes.

In addition, it noted that the military media is the most who has sacrificed, where 200 martyrs have been sent to convey the truth to the world since the beginning of the aggression, pointing out that 50 martyrs and a number of wounded from the cadres of the military media fell during the fourth year only.

It was also mentioned that a number of people were wounded in the Yemen Channel, Radio of Hodeidah, Army newspaper, Radio 26 September, al-Sahat channel, al-Masirah channel and others.

The Union added that the aggression has targeted more than 30 centers of transmission, while about 21 media institutions were subjected to total and partial destruction.

The Union noted that the al-Masirah channel and a number of national channels have been deprived of broadcasting by the Saudi aggression, a systematic policy of the countries of aggression designed to stifle the truth.

The Union monitored 6 channels that were cloned by the States of aggression.

Moreover, the Union affirmed that aggression prevents 143 international media from entering Yemen to cover the war and the humanitarian crisis.

The report of the Yemeni Media Union has recorded 9 violations against the national media during the fourth year of aggression.

Additionally, the report stressed the suffering of thousands of media workers because of the salaries cut off by the countries of aggression.

For his part, President of the Media Union Abdulla Sabri expressed his regret that the crimes of aggression against the media lack international deterrence.

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